iEngage360's Portfolio Management tool take a holistic approach to enterprise management monitoring a portfolio's health which is affected by the performance of all entries within the portfolio, as well as by their direct / indirect dependencies and available resources.  Additionally, the health and status of the corporate strategies, goals and objectives are directly dependent on the health of its collective portfolio's.

iEngage360 provides portfolio managers with the information necessary to make decisions that lead to overall portfolio success, leveling the interests of a specifics portfolio projects and weighting decisions based upon corporate strategic alignment and importance.

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Portfolio Management Solution

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Portfolio & Project Management Portfolio & Project Management

By combining project management discipline, program management office responsibilities and aligning with strategic and business management practices at the portfolio management tool provides teh ability for an organization to:

  1. Select projects and programs that are aligned with the organization's strategies and objectives.
  2. Make the best use of available resources by applying to the highest priority projects.
  3. Regularly assess how projects and programs are contributing to portfolio health.
  4. Take management action to keep the portfolio in compliance with business objectives.

iEngage360 allows for the most effective use of project management disciplines at the project, initiative and program levels to improve overall corporate performance, addressing risks and issues before they can impact the organization, and increases strategic success.  The goal of iEngage360 is to realize these benefits at the portfolio level by applying a consistent structured management approach.