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Product Features Product Features


  • Strategic
  • Business Case
  • Tactical


  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Situational Awareness
  • Risk Identification
  • Business Rules Implementation


  • Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • FlexPaced Participation

Portfolio Management

  • Project Prioritization
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Resource Optimization


Planning Planning

Our planning solution supports strategic and the definition tactical monitoring requirements.  iEngage360 enables the consistency of planning throughout the organization and drives an integrated view of tactical operations from a strategic viewpoint.  

Top down planning ensures direct alignment of implementations to strategic goals and objectives.  It also provides an easy to use structure for prioritization and valuation of plan components.  

The identification of quantifiable key performance indicators at each level in the planning process allows for operational monitoring and reporting on organization performance and real time evaluation of strategic plan health and status.

The iEngage360 platform has developed a unique approach strategic planning, that integrates tactical operations monitoring, through enterprise information resources to develop and realizing actionable information, from the key performance indicators defined in the planning process. Our monitoring solution connects quantifiable metrics business rules to existing data sources delivering early indication of risk.

Monitoring Monitoring

iEngage360 monitoring automates the analysis of key performance indicators, measuring tactical operations against strategic goals and objectives, identifying early risk indictors in time for the front lines of an organization to successfully mitigate and avoid risk.

Correlating key indicators, performing inferential analytics, implementing business specific rules, prioritizing organizational efforts against strategic plans. IEngage360 monitors recommended actions in real time against the strategic plan – empowering the to make the right business decision each time. Differing from traditional intelligence solutions, iengage360 links Key Performance Indicators into an intelligence network services analyze risk and provide operational awareness context goals objectives. The iEngage360 solution provides organizational perspective across tactical operations in context with the strategic plan.

Engagement Engagement

The iEngage 360 engagement platform is intended as a collaboration and communitation tool that enables team members to work together virtually.  Leveraging social media paradigm, but integrating the contextual focus of your organization and connecting collaborative efforts to work events and information sets, our engagement platform focuses communication and collaboration around the business processes and pertinant information.  

Our engagement tools allow for group collaboration and flexPaced engagement.  Our objective is to reduce the number of meetings and increase the value of those meetings that are required.

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management

Our project portfolio management solution allows for an enterprise to manage various portfolios of plans, initiatives, programs, and projects. Various portfolios definitions include business case and planning projects, IT System Applications, Financial Systems, Business Intelligence, and Strategic Initiatives.  

Porfolios can be defined to meet the specific needs and processes of any organization.  Our Project Management solution interfaces with planning tools such as Mirosoft Project and provides powerful management functionality to oversee, report and analyze the health and status of a given project.