Business Planning

The strategic plan is a blueprint for an organization's vision.  It is the roadmap used to drive tactical planning and measure operational performance.  The power of a fully engaged organization is the ability to operate collectively as cohesive team within the context of a strategic plan, with each individual operating as a cog turning in concert with the rest of the organization.

iEngage360 provides simple to use graphical tools to assist leadership in developing fully integrated strategic plans that help bring the organization perspective and enable full engagement. Read to learn more...

Operational Monitoring

The foundation of an engaged organization is collaboration in the context of informed decision making.  The iEngage360 provides simple to use tools that define key performance indicators (KPI's) within the context of the strategic plan, allows for easy integration with enterprise data sources and the development of monitors that correlate KPI's to provide easy to assimilate operational awareness. 

iEngage360 monitoring allow assimilation of KPI data to identify, assess, mitigate and avoid risk.  Our tools transform your data into meaningful and actionable information.

  Read to learn more...

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is an indispensable tool for aligning tactical implementation planning with strategic goals and objectives and helping organizations prioritize the expenditure of their limited resources.

iEngage360 portfolio management tool is a combination of management disciplines that combines:

  • Strategic management focus to ensure that all tactical projects and programs align with the corporate strategic goals and objectives.
  • Operaitonal monitoring focus for managing operational performance agains the strategic plan and measuring the health and status of strategic goals and objectives. Read to learn more...



iEngage 360 Engagement platform is an integrated collaboration tool that allows for elements of planning, monitoring, and management to be linked to a collaborative session.  A collaborative engagement around an topic of imporance or agenda of topics.  Engagements can be automatically generated for unique events or regularly scheduled meetings.  

The iEngage360 Engagement can be defined as a meaningful and collaborative connection with participants involved in a common business topic.

Engagements can be spontaneous or regularly scheduled, be held in the form of a meeting or as a social engagement at Flex-Pace.  Read to learn more...

Workflow Management

iEngage360 enterprise workflow management enables enterprise business process management within the strategic planning, execution and monitoring of the business lifecycle management.  iEngage360 automates enterprise processes adapting to the specific workflow processes of the organizations strategci planning, operational monitoring and portfolio management processes. 

Integrated with the engagement collaborative tools, workflow management supports the collaborative efforts of the organizations management, as well as handling the process flow involved with monitoring and management of key performance indicators.  Read to learn more...