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bridging the gap between thinking strategically and managing tactically

iEngage360 is an innovative new AI-based solution, that integrates strategic plan management, initiative prioritization, portfolio management, and milestone driven project management.  Taking it to a new level by  providing intelligent advice and assistance

"OntoReason believes in augmenting human intelligence through dynamic information modeling, intelligent expert systems, and adaptable knowledge structures. iEngage360 is the culmination of twelve years of work, and is the embodiment of our philosophy."
Craig Cunningham

Defining Strategic Success

Strategic planning is not your goal, executing strategically is.

  • Communicating Vision to the Enterprise
  • Identify and address challenges both internal and external
  • Maximize limited resources by addressing critical needs 
  • Transition from planning to execution while maintaining stakeholder involvement
  • Tracking key indicators for progress and problem identification
  • Improved flexibility in responding to change

What iEngage360 Provides

Strategic Plan Insight

iEngage360 provides insight and guidance to help overcome the common obstacles before they cause poor performance

  • Define strategic plan using goals, objectives, initiatives and strategies
  • Provides fully integrated planning, prioritization,and execution management
  • Evaluates plans for completeness and coordination of objectives
  • Detects common patterns that can indicate performance risk,
  • Automatically generates alerts and recommendations when issues are detected
  • Scores concept value,  alignment and risk in support of prioritization
  • Integrates with portfolio management for all strategic initiatives and projects

iEngage360 provides real-time insight, decision support, health status – bridging the gap between planning and execution management.


Normalized Prioritization

Regular and dependable evaluation of projects and initatives

  • Standard question sets align strategic plan with goals and objectives
  • Customizable question sets based on project/initiative type and context
  • Custom scoring rule sets for inferring value to organization
  • Use ROI, Non Financial ROI, complexity and readiness as well as budget baselines to help determine optimal utilization
  • Risk assessment and management preparedness functions
  • Balanced scorecard analysis, indicating where your resources are focused
  • Supporting consistent stage-gate review processes

Strategic Project Management

The key to bridging the gap between thinking strategically and managing tactically

  • Utilizing milestone driven project management to provide  progress measurement and team focus
  • Automated status reporting to minimize effort on project management oversight, allowing managers to focus on milestone accomplishment and risk management
  • Risk and issue management, with impact assessment, risk mitigation assignment, and monitoring of mitigation progress
  • Tracking to strategic plan providing assessment of plan health based on project management progress.
  • Supports portfolio project rounding and reporting

iEngage360 Features

Comprehensive insight

Integrated views across application features. Provides progress tracking by strategy, stakeholders, participants and managers.

Integrated management

Integrated planning, prioritization, and execution management enable health and status assessment from the planning ideation phase to through the execution and outcome phases.

Project Management

Milestone driven project management provides project planning, execution management, and status reporting based on comprehensive milestone definitions. Allows for strategic initiative teams to focus on achieving milestones and deliverables. Milestone reporting facilitates insight into progress of the strategic plan.

Dynamic configuration

Allows for configuration of the system to meet customers unique planning paradigm, organizational structure, and management processes.

Automated Processes

Increased user efficiency, providing automated status reporting, plan health assessment, AI based-recommendations.

AI driven decision support

Leverage dynamic information models to drive AI based reasoning tools to assess planning and execution management efforts, providing alerting and guidances

Normalized prioritization

Prioritization tool provides multi-level review, and multi-session prioritization. It leverages strategic objectives, organization alignments, scope, initiative impact to assist management in making decisions. Supports multi-year carry over of capital expenditure requests.

Easy access to features

Strategic planning provides a "Plan First" view, allowing you to navigate the complete plan to identify where you need to make changes. Simple and familiar tools to associate stakeholders, organizations, requests and projects.

Portfolio Management

Dynamic creation of views that can cross organizational boundaries to provide better management, as well as creation of portfolios with assignments to individual managers. Reporting can be constrained to user defined views or maintained at broader system defined views. Thes system views can be customized and expanded to satisfy organizational needs.

Comprehensive on-boarding

On-boarding technical services support configuration, process adaptation, & process implementation. This includes customization of business rules, data entry, and score calculation algorithms..

Strategy Management
is the key to achieving organizational goals and objectives

"Strategy is more than pretty language, clichés, and buzz words.”

Eric Schripsema

CTO OntoReason

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