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iEngage360 is an innovative new AI-based solution that integrates strategic planning, initiative prioritization, portfolio management, and milestone driven project management.  iEngage360 is designed to help customers achieve better strategic outcomes.

"OntoReason believes in augmenting human intelligence through dynamic information modeling, intelligent expert systems, and adaptable knowledge structures. iEngage360 is the culmination of twelve years of work, and is the embodiment of our philosophy."
Craig Cunningham

Improving Strategic Outcomes

  • Capture strategy design, manage implementation, & monitor performance, 
  • Focus on clarity and simplicity of strategy design to improve organizational understanding
  • Identify the challenges that face the organization as it strives to achieve its vision
  • Ensure the organization has required capability and expertise to execute a strategy 
  • Limit strategic plan scope to focus key resources on the highest priority initiatives 
  • Manage the transitions from planning to implementation to delivery
  • Engage stakeholders continously throughout the process
  • Maintain accountability across disciplines and organizational boundaries
  • Identify and manage risk across the entire plan so leadership can understand impact
  • Make consistent, well informed decisions, within the context of the entire plan
  • Use an integrated management approach across all phases of the strategic process

Introducing iEngage360

Strategic Management

Strategy management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the activities of strategic planning and execution to successfully achieve the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization. While a majority of organizations believe they are doing a good job of strategic planning with any one of a variety of planning approaches, they do not employ strategy management. iEngage360 delivers an integrated approach to strategy design, implementation, and delivery.

Strategic Planning

iEngage360 provides insight and guidance to help overcome the common obstacles before they cause poor performance

  • Captures a robust representation of the strategic plan design elements allowing knowledge services to analyze quality, health and status of the plan
  • Maintains linkages and dependencies of plan elements
  • Integrates strategy design, prioritization, implementation and delivery processes, to enable strategy management
  • Provides a robust representation of strategic goals and objectives
  • Monitors performance of the plan using early indicators of performance to manage risk and mitigate issues
  • Support assessment of ad-hoc, off-cycle event assessment and planning
  • Detects common patterns that can indicate performance risk
  • Automatically generates alerts and recommendations when issues are detected

iEngage360 provides real-time insight, decision support, health status – bridging the gap between planning and execution management.


Standardized Prioritization

Regular and dependable evaluation of projects and initatives

  • Provides standard approach to prioritization for strategic planning and off-cycle events
  • Enables standard request question sets that allow value proposition comparison of disparate strategic initiative types
  • Uses custom specific scoring rule sets for inferring value to organization
  • Allows strategy custom alignment, ROI, Non Financial ROI, risk, and scope to evaluate requests, providing a normalized score for initiative scoring
  • Provides risk assessment and management preparedness assessment and adjustments
  • Enables balanced analysis across customer defined alignment axis
  • Supporting consistent stage-gate review processes that shorten analysis and review time

Strategic Portfolio & Project Management

The key to bridging the gap between thinking strategically and managing tactically

  • Manage complexity and risk
  • Utilizing milestone driven project management to provide progress measurement and team focus
  • Automated status reporting to minimize effort on project management oversight, allowing managers to focus on milestone accomplishment and risk management
  • Risk and issue management, with impact assessment, risk mitigation assignment, and monitoring of mitigation progress
  • Tracking to strategic plan providing assessment of plan health based on project management progress
  • Supports portfolio project rounding and reporting

Key Features

Flexible Strategic Planning

The iEngage360 system provides a dynamic representation of key aspects of the customers organization, and the dynamic linkage of people, initiatives, goals and objectives. Our system is independent of planning approach and can be tailored to the organizations processes. Effectively providing a custom solution while avoiding traditional custom solution costs and delays.

The Power of Objective

Many planning paradigms use the notion of an objective to set performance targets, monitor progress, and focus implementation. Regardless of the lexicon used, iEngage360 embraces the notion of objective across the platform, providing a complex representation of measurement and target across many dimensions of strategy management. The reasoning system uses these concepts to analyze the strength of plan, monitor progress, provide early indications & warning.

Health and Status

Capitalizing on the linkages and dependencies between strategy elements, our reasoning tools can traverse the plan to analyze the health and status, not only of individual elements but of the overall plan. Our tools use initiative program and project milestone progress as an early indicator of health risk. Health is determined based upon level of initiative contribution, integrated risk, and detailed performance against leading and lagging objectives. Customers are able to understand quickly strategic plan health and where attention is required.

Standardized Prioritization

Organizations struggle with prioritization without a standardized approach. Competing perspectives bring necessary ideas but can cause confusion when it comes to applying limited resources where they can be the most effective. iEngage360 uses a detailed scoring mechanism that coordinates contribution to strategic objectives as a primary assessment, integrating financial and non-financial value creation, scope of impact, and resource requirement. We then provide advanced tools to help visualize alignment balance across key aspects of the organization. Since the mechanism is configurable, you are not locked in to a few perspectives, organizations can determine their own metrics of evaluation to help in the prioritization process. The result is that you can review all of your potential options with the confidence that final decisions provide a fair assessment of both value and ability despite differences of initiative types.

PMO Management

Planning must lead to effective management. This means traceability from conceptual ideas all the way to the projects that are executed. Dynamic creation of portfolios allows for simple management organization of programs and projects. PMO aspects of iEngage360 provide automated status reporting, alerting, and management recommendations.

Milestone Driven Project

Organizations address project management differently. Some may have formal project management departments while others employ ad hoc team leadership. To aid in the process without requiring a structure that may not exist, iEngage360 employs a system that uses a milestone driven record of project progress. In addition, risk, issues and actions are defined to aid in the definition of progress activities and impact. Our goal is to provide an integration point that consistent with your environment and that provides status updates for the strategic plan. Essentially, iEngage360 is fully aware of the differences that organizations present, so we address those difference in the way that suits you the best; But capitalize on the benefit of the increased communication and assessment that strategic management provides.

Decision Support & Automation

Throughout all aspects of the iEngage360 solution, we integrate dynamic information models, decision support rule systems, automated status reporting, and highly visible health and status indicators to assess the quality of planning, prioritization, and execution management. The system reduces time spent on mundane tasks and provides deep analysis of linkages and dependencies that are difficult to manage at the strategy level.

Strategy Management
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"Strategy is more than grandiose language, clichés, and buzz words.”

Eric Schripsema

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