Data Driven Leadership Solutions

Helping Leadership Transform

Today’s dynamic Business Environment Requires organizations to become more adept at using data.  

Leadership Responsiveness Can be Aided by:

  • Adaptive Strategic Planning and incremental Strategic execution
  • Data-Driven Decision Support 
  • Quick Identification of market events and predict emerging trends

Architecting Informatics Solutions for Strategic Leadership

Digital transformation requires a broad spectrum of data, currently unavailable in most IT systems

  • Data Architectures Must Be More Dynamic And Flexible To Support The Evolving Needs
  • BI solutions must provide a wider range of analytics to support decision making
  • Data Solutions must provide actionable information to important leadership questions
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Enabling Adaptive Planning and Incremental Execution

Capturing meta data about strategies, Dependencies, priorities, and strategy execution can Provide leaders real time insight into the current state of their strategic efforts.

  • Transition To An Adaptive Strategic Planning Cycle Enables Responsiveness
  • Milestone Driven Review Of Strategy Execution Helps Focus and Prioritize Effort Incrementally
  • Change management is critical to Prevent Disruption and chaos 
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Accelerating The Planning Cycle

Replacing the three year planning cycles, that tie up key resources and lay out plans that quickly become obsolete, Organizations can accelerate the planning cycle by employing a quarterly reviews and plan updates requires:  

  • Continuously Evaluating Emerging Environmental Factors
  • Monitoring and measuring Performance against objectives
  • Execute Strategic Initiatives Incrementally With Milestone Driven Stage Gate Reviews   
  • Adopting Continuous Prioritization Assessment And Review To Focus Effort
  • Implementation Of Change Management Processes To Prevent Chaos And Churn
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Tools, Technology and Training to Support Data Driven Decision Making

Integrated Strategic Planning, Prioritization, and Execution Management

  • Tools Capture Strategy Meta Data, Including Planning Model Inter-dependencies
  • Support Management of Health And Status Across The Strategic Plan Elements
  • Support Knowledge base analytics and decision support
  • Support Automated Status reporting and risk management
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Dynamic Information Modeling and Analytics

  • Model Strategic Plan Meta Data, Organizational Alignment, and Plan Perspective Capture
  • the Capture & employment of Strategic Planning & Project Management Best Practices
  • Reason about plan meta data, using industry knowledge and organizational expertise 
  • develop machine learning Techniques to gather knowledge and identify trends
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Governance and Innovation in Business Intelligence

Develop innovation focused governance of data and analytics, developing trust and supporting key decision making. Assess BI requirements and develop cross functional solutions to ensure consistency and standardized outcomes.

  • Prioritize solutions based upon strategic fit and highest value requests
  • maintain data integrity, source of truth, capturing accuracy, latency, & update frequency
  • Maintain providence for inferred and processed information
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Application of Next Generation Metrics & Measures

Advances in data modeling, capture, and analytic capabilities are changing the way metrics and measures are used to influence how executives use data to make decisions. Transitioning the use of
KPI's, OKR's, and strategic objectives from monitoring performance to predicting trends and guiding innovation.

  • Understand various metric characteristics including: benchmarks, leading & lagging indicators, early, intermediate & late measures, and outcome projections
  • Understanding the various ways metrics and measures are used and how each use requires different perspectives: leadership vs management, strategic vs functional, and internal vs external
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    Cross Functional Strategic Objectives

    It is essential to develop a cross functional approach to implementing strategic objectives, where organizational elements are required to work together to achieve enterprise wide objectives. It is important for organizational elements to work toward common objectives. Coordinating marketing, customer growth, with operational processes and capacity to ensure a given strategy is achieved. Beyond the balanced scorecard strategic objective perspectives which ensure the organization is developing a plan that addresses the key perspectives some objectives require coordinated effort to achieve. To learn more

    Strategy Management

    Improve Organizational Focus and Outcome Performance

    Strategy management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the activities of strategic planning, including design, implementation planning, prioritization, and execution to successfully achieve the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization.

    The application of strategy management improves design, implementation planning, organizational focus, and execution. Organizations implementing a strategy management process can greatly improve strategic plan performance and adapt quicker to changes in the strategic environment. Learn more

    Innovations and Insights

    OntoReason provides the latest in thought leadership on data driven leadership, knowledge engineering, and decision support solutions.
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    The Power of Informatics

    OntoReason discusses the latest in technology trends and how to evaluate their applicability and apply them in the business environment.
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