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OntoReason's Solutions help customers

  • Use strategy management to improve strategic outcomes
  • improve strategy implementation planning and execution management
  • implement a strategy driven prioritization process to focus resources 
  • adapt in a dynamic market by continuously monitoring health and status

Difficulty Achieving Successful Strategic Outcomes?

You are not alone. Strategic planning is a complicated endeavor that requires the combined effort of the entire organization working together to implement change across boundaries and between levels.

Achieving success requires careful management of the process, insuring information flows successfully between the various layers of planning and execution so that progress can be monitored, risks can be identified, and changes managed. To learn more

Consistent Management Is The Key

Strategy management can help improve strategic outcomes by providing improved management of the strategy lifecycle independent of the customers strategic planning model and processes.

Strategy management provides a framework for dynamic planning and management oversight. It provides a comprehensive information gathering and assessment. It encourages detailed design and execution management that performance health assessment and status reporting. Strategy management enables better oversight and stronger risk management. To learn more

Understanding Plan Inter-Dependencies is Critical

Strategy management helps organizations improve by providing a better understanding of the inter-dependencies of plan elements in support of planning, decision making, and oversight.

Strategy management enables decisions to be made in context of the overall plan, helping to understand risks and impacts to the plan instead of making decisions in isolation. To learn more

iEngage360 Strategy Management

What is Strategic Management?

Strategy management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the activities of strategic planning and execution to successfully achieve the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization. Learn more


iEngage360 strategy management solution delivers an integrated approach to the strategic management.
Our tools capture strategy designs, build implementation plans, assess initiative prioritization, and oversee plan execution.
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OntoReason provides a wide range of consulting services to help organizations use information to better understand strategic plan interdependencies and to help make well informed strategic decisions in a dynamic market environment.
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OntoReason strategy management solutions are tailored to support a wide range of customers needs, from a quick assessments of processes, a review of plan elements such as strategic objectives, to establishing a full strategy management solution.
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Innovations and Insights

OntoReason provides the latest in thought leadership on strategic planning, strategy management, and knowledge based decision support.
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The Power of Informatics

OntoReason discusses the latest in technology trends and how to evaluate their applicability and apply them in the business environment.
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Tips for Improving Strategic Outcomes

  • Manage the complete process from design to delivery 
  • Carefully manage the transitions between planning, implementation, & delivery
  • Focus on clarity and simplicity of strategy design to improve organizational understanding
  • Communicate visionary statements and strategy definition separately
  • Identify the challenges facing the organization that must be overcome to achieve its vision
  • Ensure the organization has required capability and expertise to execute its strategy 
  • Limit strategic plan scope to focus key resources on the highest priority initiatives 
  • Engage stakeholders continuously throughout the process
  • Maintain accountability across disciplines and organizational boundaries
  • Identify risk across the strategic plan so leadership can understand the impact of their decisions
  • Make consistent, well informed decisions, within the context of the entire plan
  • Use an integrated management approach across all phases of the strategic process
"OntoReason believes in augmenting human intelligence through dynamic information modeling, intelligent expert systems, and adaptable knowledge structures. The launch of our iEngage360 Strategy Management Solution is the culmination of twelve years of work and is the embodiment of our philosophy."
Craig Cunningham

Strategy Management
the key to improving
strategy outcomes

"Strategy is more than grandiose language, clichés, and buzz words. It defines how the vision is to be accomplished ”

Eric Schripsema

CTO OntoReason

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