About Us

OntoReason was founded in 2006 as a medical informatics consulting company.  OntoReason designs and builds systems to augment human intelligence through dynamic information modeling, intelligent expert systems, and adaptable knowledge structures.

Our story

OntoReason has developed a core set of technologies that have allowed us to develop intelligent systems to solve customer problems.  Our early technology efforts targeted public health solutions including bio-terrorism event detection and differential diagnosis at CDC.

In 2009 we began working with the National Cancer Institute to develop an ontological bridge model for sharing data between cancer institutes.  This effort lead us to work more closely with hospital system and healthcare institutions.   OntoReason began developing information solutions to help Hospital system address a wide variety of strategic challenges.  In 2011 we developed our first project portfolio management system for healthcare initiatives.  Using our AI based dynamic modeling and reasoning solutions we were able to help hospital systems do a better job of managing their efforts without significant project management training.  Our solutions focused on prioritizing efforts based upon how they align with thestrategic plan and ensuring initiative leaders focused on working toward milestones, while managing risk.

In 2014, we started to address the issues surrounding poor outcome performance of strategic initiatives.  We found that after healthcare organizations spent millions of dollars on developing a strategic plan, they would then be left with a binder and set of view graphs, with no idea how to make the transition from plan to execution.

OntoReason has been working with our customers to create a solution to help them manage the implementation of their strategic plan.  Based on a dynamic information model and reasoning services we worked to assist our customers in managing the transition to execution.  The goal being to provide our customer with dynamic real time insights into the quality of the plan, the progress being made and the execution management.

And now in 2018 we are proud to announce the release of our iEngage360 Strategic Portfolio Management System. iEngage360 has been developed as an AI based tool to support customers in their strategic planning, prioritization and management execution tasks. iEngage360 has been designed around dynamic information models that allow robust and extendable representations of information.  iEngage360 helps our customers manage successfully the planning, prioritization and management of their strategy, while maximizing the return on strategic investment.

Let OntoReason bring the power of information to your strategy, helping you achieve return on strategic investment

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