There is some question as to the value of strategic planning.  Especially, because success rates are so low.  That brings up the question, why go to the expense and disruption of building a strategic plan?

The business environment is shifting rapidly. So what works today, maybe outdated by tomorrow.  New competitors, including non-traditional competitors, are entering the market due to a decrease in barriers to entry.  The regulatory environment is shifting and unpredictable for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, not much has changed since that early army adage.  So, the industry has adapted several planning models that help structure planning to guide corporations forward, helping them work intelligently.  But, the fact remains that only 10% of executives achieve their strategic objectives.  Bringing into question the return on strategic investment.

But what if a strategic plan was more dynamic than a document to be crafted, shelved and tossed as soon as the environment shifted? What if all the work planning, could be maintained, adapted as the environment changed, and managed to prevent the chaos of discarding and starting over?

In today’s digital environment, it is possible to do so.  With the advancements being made in artificial intelligence, the power of technology can help improve the quality of the plan and maintain the health of the organization’s strategic direction.

iEngage360 Strategy Management software helps you capture, evolve, execute, and manage your plans dynamically, so you can achieve the expected results of your planning efforts.  

iEngage360 helps:

  • Work more intelligently toward your objectives
  • Manage risk and change
  • Adapt to changes in the environment
  • Make better, more strategically driven decisions
  • Automate reporting and reviews, lessoning the burden of your processes
  • Assess the quality of the strategic plan
  • Reduce the disruption and time spent building long term plan
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