Importance of Strategic Planning

Importance of Strategic Planning

In today’s dynamic market environment, change is the only constant.  As the graphic to the left suggests, most strategic plans fail to achieve their intended results, even in highly effective organizations.


Even with these statistics, companies that are strategically driven have a much better chance of adapting to dynamic market challenges.  


An integrated approach to managing the strategic planning lifecycle is needed to overcome a majority of today’s common strategic planning issues.  That does not require a new planning model, just adding better management oversight.  


By wrapping a strategy management solution around your strategic planning lifecycle, we can improve the return on your investment. 


Our versatile software, iEngage360, captures robust information about your plan and automates much of the oversight process, including:


✔️ Analyzing Plan Quality

✔️ Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives

✔️ Management of Status & Risk

✔️ Reporting, Alerting, & Guidance

✔️  Support for Decision Making


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