Innovations in Strategy Management

Our newsletter is intended to provide insights into improving the strategic planning lifecycle.  We hope to provide readers with practical and useful insights into the strategic planning lifecycle.  It will cover the unique issues facing healthcare organizations and how to overcome them.  

Our goal is help improve the delivery of successful strategic outcomes through information driven approaches.

We will provide weekly coverage of topics that can help improve your strategy management and achieve better strategic outcomes.  We will review various innovations, emerging trends, and industry best practices.  Included will be discussions on how to identify good strategy components and avoid common mistakes.

The Strategic Planning Landscape

Topics will include:

  • What is strategy management, and is it the missing link to successful strategic outcomes?
  • How to define strategic goals & objectives to monitor performance
  • Finding the balance between non-financial and financial strategy
  • The importance of strategy
  • Tools and approaches for better analysis  
  • Reviews of leading strategic planning design approaches
  • Selecting the right strategy design approach
  • How to improve prioritization and selection of strategic effort
  • Defining decision support and business intelligence
  • Keys to successfully manage strategy implementation
  • Importance of managing risk across the entire plan  
  • Other topics will include: Capability maturity models for strategy,, measuring the quality of a strategic plan, health and status assessments, and dynamic vs. cyclical strategic planning.  

As a leader and strategist, it is important to understand the tools, approaches, and management techniques that can help achieve better strategic outcomes increasing return on strategic investment.

If there are topics of interest or questions, please feel free to email your suggestions to

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