Strategy Management Implementation Consulting

Implementing Strategy Management

OntoReason provides management consulting to support customer implementation of a full strategy management solution.


  • Strategy management models and process definition
  • Tool requirements and selection
  • Strategy management training
  • Informatics and knowledge engineering to implement decision support solutions
  • Iterative development and process improvement roadmap development
  • Strategic objective definition, management and usage (KPI’s, OKR’s, outcome performance, measures and metrics)
  • Normalized prioritization of strategies and initiatives (organizational alignment and fit; strategic value; risk assessment; balance)

Process Definition

Define strategy management processes that support the full integration of strategy design, implementation planning, and execution management.


  • Integrated processes to bridge the gap between design and execution
  • Stage gate review processes to manage health and status of strategic plans
  • Maintain accountability from design through outcome
  • Definition and management of performance and progress indicators
  • Creation of agile and responsive strategies

Strategy Management Tooling

We will help assess legacy systems, state of the art tooling options, and decision support tools that will support the knowledge requirements for data driven leadership.

  • Capture strategic plan elements and interdependencies
  • Capture initiative implementation planning
  • Produce consistent prioritization
  • Strategic program and project portfolio management
  • Intelligent decision support
  • Support development of knowledge management and governance

Strategy Management Informatics

We will help assess legacy information solutions, BI systems, and analytics. And the, establish a long term plan for a state of the art information architecture and analytics approach delivering a tailored solution to meet organizations requirements.

  • Identify decision support requirements for leadership
  • Model strategic plan design, implementation and execution
  • Design meta data models to support processes and analytics
  • Identify analytics, business intelligence, and decision support solutions
  • Support development of data governance and change management

Business Intelligence

Delivering actionable information through data science, artificial intelligence, and visualization supporting leadership decision making.

  • Capture organization, market, and operational intelligence, including: knowledge, expertise, and experience representation
  • Integrate enterprise strategic plans and align with business environment
  • Develop processes and analytics to support decision making 

Knowledge Engineering

Consulting, Training, and Process Definition

Knowledge engineering (KE) develops requirements from leadership, decision support, & environmental analysis.

KE defines informatics model to support requirements

KE develops analytics solutions based up business intelligence and informatics to support requirements

Critical to KE success is the governance of informatics and analytics solutions


Information Engineering
Dynamic Information Modeling
Data Governance


Statistical Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Governance

Applied Artifical Intelligence

Expert Systems & Machine Learning
Automated Alerting & Assessment
Decision Support

Process Improvement

Continuous process improvement, driven by
business intelligence decision support


Manage quality of informatics, analytical results, and knowledge
Build trust, ethical use standards, and cross functional use