iEngage360 Strategy Management and Decision Support Tools

OntoReason¬†delivers an integrated approach to strategy design, implementation, and delivery, helping our customers manage the entire strategic lifecycle. OntoReason’s iEngage360 platform features include:

Strategic Planning

  • Dynamic strategy design process
  • Informatics supporting strategic decisions
  • Risk management across all platforms

Strategic Prioritization

  • Strategic value assessment & prioritization
  • Organizational alignment¬†
  • Implementation planning & risk evaluation

Strategy Execution Management

  • Portfolio, program & project management
  • Milestone driven status
  • Risk management & escalation

Strategic Planning

Simple, Easy to Use, and Powerful

Captures Detailed Strategic Plan Design and Key Alignment Information

  • Configurable strategic planning model and processes

  • Powerful informatics driven analytics provides strategic decision support

  • Encourages agile and responsive approach to strategic planning

  • Integrates plan design, implementation planning, and execution

  • Maintains real time health and status

Powerful Graphic Visualization Tools Enable A Better Understanding of the Plan

  • Visualization of the strategic plan, its quality based upon level of support and risk

  • AI driven analytics assesses health, risk, and generates recommended actions

  • Detailed assessment of value, risk, and impact to operational entities

Robust Strategic Objective Definitions Focus The Organization

  • Configurable strategic objective models capturing powerful meta data around metrics and measures

  • Supporting progress and performance tracking with KPI's & OKR's across organizational hierarchy

  • Maintaining inter-dependency between measures and initiatives, while assessing support and risk

Automated Reasoning Tools Provide Plan Quality Assessment & Health Status Reviews

  • Dynamic informatics solutions capturing strategic planning inter-dependency and meta data

  • AI analytics operating on dynamic information models to assess strategy health & status

  • Automated real-time alerting & reporting with drill down and explanation

Strategic Prioritization

Standardized Approach, Easy to Use Visualizations, and Intelligent Assistance

Strategy Initiative Assessment

  • Alignment and contribution to objectives
  • Level of risk associated with plan
  • Level corporate challenges are addressed
  • Organizational fit

Implementation Planning

  • Initiative complexity
  • Resource availability, experience, and skills
  • Leadership buy-in & engaged stakeholders
  • Level of dependency between efforts


  • Strategy alignment and value assessment
  • Risk management
  • Initiative balance
  • Support levels across strategy components

Strategy Execution Management

 Consistent Portfolio, Program, & Project Oversight and Reporting

Portfolio Management

  • Strategic Portfolio Management, state and status review

  • Dynamic view creation, organizational alignment, and action reviews

  • Resource allocation, commitment, and expenditure

  • Portfolio rounding, stakeholder engagement, and operational management reviews

Program & Project Management

  • Program & Project Management Oversight – Milestone driven

  • Risk and issue management, escalation, and strategy risk association

  • Project rounding and stakeholder engagement

  • Risk mitigation planning and escalation process support